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Bowman-Melton Associates, established in 1993, is dedicated to providing innovative high quality, cost effective non-motorized transportation and recreation planning services for our clients. We assist diverse communities in meeting the needs of people who cannot or may choose not to drive everywhere. We envision and help plan infrastructure for communities that will provide transportation and recreation opportunities supporting fitness and healthy lifestyles. Our goal is to help create attractive sustainable environments where people can safely enjoy bicycling and walking to and from school, work, shopping, visiting friends, or transit service as well as for recreation.

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BMAs range of focus includes master plans, area plans, corridor plans and feasibility studies; design assistance for trail schematics, plans & specifications; research, assessment, data collection, public involvement, bicycle and pedestrian analysis for multi-modal and inter-modal transportation studies and related research; preparation of funding applications; education and outreach programs; and project management. Click a link below to see example projects by category.

 TeamingBMA leads and participates on teams that include engineers, landscape architects, architects, planners and urban designers to plan, design and implement sound contemporary solutions for complete non-motorized recreation and transportation systems, projects, and programs. We plan for environments that support the diversity of end users� needs, whether they seek active urban lifestyles or serene natural remote settings.  FundingA wide variety of funding sources are used on BMA projects: BMA takes each client's unique set of circumstances and goals, and addresses the client's opportunities and constraints to develop a practical cost-effective plan or program that responds to local community and stakeholder needs. BMA is committed to completing projects on time and within budget. BMA has many repeat clients.

Master Plans  for integrated greenway trail networks, on-street bike and sidewalk systems.

Trail Schematics, Plans & Specifications design assistance for schematics and PS&E documents for ISTEA, TEA-21, TPW, or locally funded facilities bicycle and pedestrian.

Transportation Studies  research, assessment, data collection, public involvement, bicycle and pedestrian analysis.

Funding Applications  development and preparation of applications for STEP, CMAQ, and other types of funding sources.

Education, Outreach & Research in transportation, recreation, and environmental related areas.

federal  STEP,  CMAQ, Safe Routes to School

state  Recreational Trails Program

regional  COG, MPO, Transit Agency, County

local  bond, annual budget

Accident data collaboration with Mullen & Mullen Law Firm 

private  non-profit organizations and land owners



Non-motorized transportation and recreation planning services include:


on-street bikeways
hike and bike trails
pedestrian paths
bike paths
nature trails
equestrian trails
canoe trails


Many projects BMA has been involved in have received awards, including from the Texas Chapters of the American Planning Association and American Society of Landscape Architects; Texas Parks and Recreation Society, Texas Trails Network, and Greater Dallas Planning Council.



For more than 15 years, BMA, a certified woman-owned business, has been dedicated to bringing high-quality, award-winning planning, implementation and outreach projects to our clients. BMA staff brings experience knowledge and technology together with a passion for being active outdoors.


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